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Vocational and Technical Teachers in Malaysia Essay -- Education, Co

An issue arises whether the teachers in this country are ready to face and handle the challenges due to the birth of technology especially ICT in and out of school and due to the fact that the latest technology has acquired unique characteristics with lack of appropriate professional development, for these reasons it is necessary for teachers to be ready in terms of their knowledge, skills and also attitude in order to fully exploit the advantages in ICT (Rosnaini Mahmud, 2006). According to Ely (1995) the stress should not be on the technology itself but more on the teachers who will decide on the purpose in using the technology, how it is utilized and evaluates the effect of its use. Nowadays there are a lot of ICT facilities and tools provided in the school however the optimum use is very much relied on the teacher factor (Demirbilek, 2009). Due to the rapid changes and growths in the use of the computer during the past decades had an impact on the educational system, the technical and vocational teacher development becomes an important component to help the students to provide them the necessary skills to use it in the world of work (Maclean and Ordonez, 2007). As the computer technologies are experiencing brisk growth, they bear the potential to outreach vocational education to more learners in better ways, and in improving teaching effectiveness, it is best that vocational and technical teachers are stimulated to take part in professional development activities in order to familiarize them with the uses of computer technology (Buntat et al., 2010). Moreover, vocational teachers should be equipped with the knowledge to use new technologies as these technologies are constantly changing and have the knack to affect... ...cational schools to describe the factors which contribute the ICT integration among the technical and vocational teachers and the relationships between these factors. Integration of ICT into the classroom is a dynamic process that is connected with various factors and its success does not depend entirely on existence or non-existence of these factors (Afshari et al, 2009). These factors may be demographic characteristics for the teachers such as (Age, gender, and teaching experience), Educational background such as (type of training and level of qualification), supporting factors such as (ICT availability and administrative support) and readiness variables (knowledge, skills, and attitudes). The study will describe the teachers’ knowledge level and skills which used to be specifically for teachers teach engineering subjects in technical and vocational schools.

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Scavenging for Food as Early Hominid Activity

The article â€Å"Scavenger Hunt† by Pat Shipman takes a look at the activities of Early Hominids in terms of food hunting and gathering, specifically in the African plains of Kenya. To her surprise, early hominids portrayed a somewhat unusually trait rather than the established fact about early hominids as well-established hunters. It seemed that the foundations of early humans of the Neolithic age, that were built around hunting and gathering may collapse and be replaced with something that we cannot be proud of. However, it is a possibility since some still exhibit such trait in the modern world. Scavenging is a well-known activity of many mammalian carnivores in Africa. However, some are still pure or nearly pure in terms of hunting and scavenging. Nonetheless, a lot of the well-known carnivores such as pack hunters or the big predators practice a hybrid of strategies in order to fill their stomachs. Much to her surprise, Pat Shipman discovered that early hominids (Homo Habilis, Australopithecus africanus, A. Robustus) practice scavenging more often than hunting. There were many evidences to this claim that early men who utilized stone tools were scavengers rather than established hunters. In the same sense, bipedalism also suggested that early hominids practiced scavenging, as their bodies were suited for such activities. Bone marks also suggested such an activity by Early Hominids. It may have been much later when hominids became established hunters—much in the time of Homo Erectus and the invention of fire. However, being a scavenger was not all bad as it had advantages that involved energy efficiency; as many mammalian predators would agree to. They would scavenge what they can and hunt when they must (Shipman 115). It is somewhat an interesting fact to discover an unusual early hominid activity, as it quickly reassembled my knowledge that all early bipedal hominids were established hunters rather than scavengers (I would not argue that they were not gatherers). It does not really come as a shock but much more like an interesting surprise. Well, it was supported astoundingly by Pat Shipman and her colleagues. There is nothing wrong with scavenging as it was a risky but brilliant strategy done by most predatory mammalians, which apparently includes early hominids with Neolithic tools. I would not say that I was quite disappointed in discovering such a characteristic belonging to early hominids—the supposed achieved hunters of the African plain, or of any other plain. Scavenging is actually an effective strategy as it ensured the survival of many early hominids without the expense of immense energy from hunting and killing the prey. Carcasses provided them with skin or hide for their clothing, and meat (of course). The scavenging trait of early hominids are still much present to a lot of modern humans today—especially those who are unable to provide themselves with proper food. That discovered fact from the article helped me clear some things up about modern humans possessing characteristics similar to a scavenger—like a vulture perhaps, minus the flying. It made me realize that the source of such trait may have occurred as an instinctive practice by early humans—to grab what they can from their surroundings—which was not bad at all since it enabled people to survive this long. Possessing the hunting-scavenging trait, humans have become a well-known survivor that can adapt to any condition. Pat Shipman took a different angle in analyzing early hominid activity, in terms of food gathering and their diet. The results were not all bad as scavenging provided a lot of things for early hominids, and ensured their survival for quite a long time. This trait may have been carried over to this date. â€Å"We scavenge what we can and hunt if we must,† should very much explain early hominid activity.

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Leukemi How It Affects The Anatomy And Physiology Of The...

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the production of white blood cells. The cells that are produced are abnormal and cannot complete their function effectively. This research paper will discuss leukemia, and assess how it affects the anatomy and physiology of the affected patient. The paper will compare the anatomy and physiology of a normal human being to that of a patient with leukemia. The paper will also consider several parameters that are of importance when talking about leukemia, such as statistics, signs, and symptoms of the condition, causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow and lymphatic system. The bone marrow is the soft and spongy part tissue of the bones. In patients with leukemia, the white blood cells are produced abnormally. There are three major types of white blood cells: lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes. There are several types of leukemia: chronic myeloid leukemia, chronic myeloid leuk emia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and chronic lymphatic leukemia. These types of cancers differ in the manner in which the cancer originates and progresses. Statistics The major cause of leukemia is unknown, but individuals that work in factories that work with certain chemicals, such as benzene seem to be at a higher risk in comparison to other members of the population. The rate of leukemia incidences seems to be higher in males in comparison to females in the society. Leukemia is in tenth

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Key Connections Between The Cataloging And The Leadership...

Discussion The purpose of the discussion is to analyze and make clear the main connections between findings from the cataloging and the leadership development sections. Also, it makes clear, how the different themes, as subtracted from the secondary literature, are very closely intertwined. Skills With more than half of the soft skills categorized as skills not wanted, these were found to be less desired among the tenant leaders than technical, hard skills. Soft skills include outreach, assisting other tenants to organize and developing agendas. According to the secondary literature, skills like these are thought to be of particular importance for successful tenant leadership. Although a relatively small number of respondents indicated†¦show more content†¦The very fact that the TNW in itself is a formal leadership program that emphasizes skills acquisition, communicates the importance of this for tenant organizations. Nearly 80% of the tenant leaders wish to receive formal training. The secondary literature is confirmed in the focus group in terms of the value of informal training, such as participating in a campaign. Thus, we stress the importance of both developing structured, formalized training programs and providing the proper environment, where tenant leaders informally can acquire or utilize skills through learning-by-doing A specific group of skills, those in the survey identified as skills wanted and present, make for particularly relevant skills to focus on for FTC. Here, a significant portion of respondents indicated the will to learn more at the same time as another significant portion of respondents claim to already possess the skill. These two facts indicates the basis of initiating some type of mentorship program – either formally, informally or both. Community building As noted by Van Dyke, Dixon (2013), building community among grassroots tenant leaders helps to sustain activism and makes it more likely for activists to gain skills informally through interacting with other members of the community. In regard to the level of engagement in their communities, the FTC tenant leaders know each other well, as apparent

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How Poverty With Education And Poverty - 1116 Words

How to End Poverty with Education Education and poverty are conversely related. Education is surely and effectually the best way of the poor to escape not only poverty but also to kill illiteracy and ignorance and unawareness of individual rights and responsibilities and to outflow all forms of social discrimination, around the world. Education has the power to break the poverty cycle. If capitalist invest in education, the returns would be priceless. Education provides people with knowledge and skills.Skills are the key from education to reduce poverty. Education makes people not just employed, but hold jobs that are more secure and provide good working conditions and suitable pay. Education cannot only help lift families out of poverty,†¦show more content†¦This system is hurting many in the U.S and so we should rethink it and make changes to it. The world works in a way that keeps some people poor. More money to welfare equals more taxes, which often comes out of the pockets of businesses and other individuals who don’t have the money to begin with. It’s a constant political tug of war. To help facilitate this transfer of responsibility from government welfare to private charity, the federal government should offer a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to private charities that provide social-welfare services. (Anderson) Lack of education causes a lack of strong leadership in government. and it causes a deficit of people who are willing to be well informed and willing to act on their own behalf of their own roles in all levels of government. Lack of education can negatively affect long term national and world economies as well. The future of our world depends on our children. There are currently 121 million children worldwide who are uneducated. These children either aren t allowed to attend school due to their gender, lack of shoes or clothes, or resources. Or come from an uneducated or low income household where parents need their children to earn an income for their family. It s estimated that about 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor. Yet for each year a child attends school, their income average can increaseShow MoreRelatedHow Does Poverty Affect Education?1036 Words   |  5 PagesApril 17, 2017 Poverty Research Paper Research Question: How does poverty affect Education? A child who is raised in a stressful and poverty stricken household environment is more likely to channel their stress into disruptive behavior at school and will be less likely to develop a healthy social and academic life (Bradley and Corwyn, 2002). Many say that laziness is a factor affecting education and success rate, however, it is a proven fact that getting out of the cycle of poverty is not as easyRead MoreHow to Overcome Child Poverty with Education Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesAbout one in five children in the United States has the misfortune of living in a family whose income is below the official poverty threshold (Borman and Reimers 454). Poverty has harmful effects on a child’s academic outcomes, general health, development, and school readiness. The impact of poverty has on a child depends on many factors for instance community features ( crime rate in neighborhood and school characteristics) and the individuals present in the child’s life like their parents, neighborsRead MoreEssay about How Poverty and Poor Education Affects Life1682 Words   |  7 PagesAdam Taylor English 2010 â€Å"Poverty and the Affects on Childhood Education† Getting an education is considered a blessing too many, in America many of us believe that everybody should get equality when it comes down to education, but is that really the case? I believe that education is something that many of us take advantage of, especially when you are a kid and you think your education is free and you dread waking up early in the morning for school. Though, when you grow older we are gladRead MoreHow the Federal Bilingual Education Act of 1968 Ended the War on Poverty1699 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to examine how the Federal Bilingual Education Act of 1968, ended the War on Poverty. Bilingual education is the use of more than one language to deliver curriculum content. The bilingual education system is designed for students to become proficient in English, and also encourage students to become bi-cultural; and function in two, or more linguistic and cultural groups. The policy expressed U.S commitment to the needs of the growi ng number of children in the publicRead MoreExtreme Poverty : Chronic Poverty Essay1613 Words   |  7 PagesExtreme Poverty Nathan Larson Northcentral Technical College â€Æ' Introduction ïÆ'Ëœ What is Extreme Poverty? What if you had a chance to save a person? Most would react quickly if given the chance to save another life especially a child’s life. In fact, it is estimated that 16,000 under the age of five die every day due to causes associated with extreme poverty. That is nearly 750 children an hour. The causes of the deaths include insufficient nutrition, lack of access to clean water, no health careRead MoreA High School Diploma Program1652 Words   |  7 Pagesbut poverty is still a barrier that can keep a young adult from graduating from high school and in turn, continue the cycle of poverty. Does getting a high school diploma have any effect on â€Å"generational poverty†? Poverty is defined as â€Å"the state of being extremely poor.† (Oxford 699) In 2014, â€Å"21.1 percent of children under age 18 (15.5 million) in the United States lived in poverty. This group of children represent 23.3 percent of the total population and 33.3 percent of people in poverty. (DE-NavasRead MorePoverty Is A Global Issue1448 Words   |  6 PagesPoverty is a global issue known by many people, it affects people in many ways, and can be considered a constant battle. The war on poverty has been ongoing for many years not only in the United States, but also amongst various countries. A significant country dealing with poverty is South Africa, which has struggled to provide jobs, education, and social security, to its people for numerous years. Moreover, the same applies to countries like the United States. Our first impression is that the UnitedRead MoreThe Effects Of Poverty On The United States1541 Words   |  7 Pages12/07/2015 Professor Sirkin The Effects of Poverty on Education For those who live in the United States, some do not see the correlation between poverty and its effects on people’s behavior to their academics. Poverty affects many students at a young age depending on the location they are in as it prevents underprivileged kids to seek higher education. However, with new opportunities [in effect], kids in poverty can have the same education as privileged kids. Poverty stricken students are disadvantagedRead MoreAnti Poverty Programs : Are We Helping The Poor?1313 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Anti-poverty programs: Are we helping the poor?† David Vang Qin Fan Econ 40 9 December, 2014 Throughout history, poverty has always been one of the biggest issues in the United States with the major impacts that it has brought into the economy and standard way of living. Although poverty may be overshadowed by such recent event such as the raise in minimum wages in California, it is still something that society should still be concern about because it can only get worse from hereRead MorePoverty Can Be Defined As The State Of Being Poor1493 Words   |  6 PagesAngel Rosales Professor Nkosi Sociology 2 December 2015 Poverty in America Poverty can be defined as the state of being poor which refers to the deprivation or insufficiency of basic needs which include food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. In America, poverty affects millions of people with a poverty rate of almost 15%. Poverty is an important social problem to address because it affects everyone in a society either directly or indirectly. Those that are affected directly are about 47

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Advertising Racial Stereotypes

Question: How does advertising make use of racial stereotypes? Answer: In this assignment, the question that will be discussed is about the celebrities and their connection to the sexualisation of culture. Celebrities are famous people, and they mainly belong from the entertainment and the sports industry. It has been seen that the social media make all their news be it normal news but due to the media hype that normal news also becomes popular and famous. Each and every thing done by the celebrities is under the scrutiny of the reporters and other media professionals. Celebrities are renowned people because of their profession the common public tries to follow their favorite celebrities from each angle be their dressing style or other important details. Celebrities are those people who get public attention for their fame from the media and also from the common public. People appreciate their work when they give their 100 percent, and they get good result of their hard work by getting their feedback from their fans and critiques. These feedbacks gave to the celebrity's acts as a motivation for them and for that they give more input into their work so that they can make everyone happy with their work. It has been seen that the celebrities especially who belongs from the entertainment world they have to go through a lot to portray the characters which is totally different from themselves and they have to portray those characters. When the celebrities acts which is totally different from their character then the best outcome of that role which is liked by the everyone and critically acclaimed by the viewers and then they give their best feedback which helps the celebrities to give more and more character like that and also helps them to improve a lot (Attwood 2015). It has been seen many times the celebrities from the entertainment industry has to act or portray very difficult or intimate roles which becomes for the celebrities to portray those characters but after lot of difficulties they play their parts by giving their 100 % percentage. In a movie when the celebrities have to act many intimate moments and they are not at all compatible in playing those characters but to bring the life in the movie but it is not easy for them to bring that part within easily and for that they need to get full support from their female or male co-stars who is acting opposite of them (Attwood 2015). To perform the intimate scenes with their partners the celebrities had to act that they are really in love with that person and to bring more reality in their scenes they try to act in such a way that the person who is standing in front of them is their real life partner, and they are much is love. In the contemporary part of the female celebrity, it has been produce d within the context of sexualized culture, neoliberalism, postfeminism, and consumerism. In the feminist analysis, it has been seen that that the figure of the female celebrities commodify the sexuality among the females, and there are a lot of issues regarding the sexual and the autonomy agency. Few contemporary celebrities produce a site so that it becomes less conventional for their sexual identities. In the newspaper, there were many talks related to these and a lot of analyzes has been numerous debates related to this issues. Interviews have also been taken from the group of women who mainly belongs to the age group between 23 to 58 years old. In further studies, it has also been seen that female celebrities are very successful in presenting them as neoliberal entrepreneurial of themselves as they can make money by their bodies (Littler,2013). In Hollywood movies the porn movies and doing roles in those movies is quite popular and there are both male and female actors who find it difficulties in the beginning but they adjust themselves to such roles and later by doing such roles when they gets into the mainstream of Hollywood movies then they do not find many difficulties when they have act in the intimate scenes with their co-stars. In the western countries, it is seen that the people who act in the in the porn movies they are also celebrities and common people treat them as normal celebrities because they also entertain people. In many countries, porn movies or the actors and the actress acts in those movies are seen as not normal people or celebrities. People or the government of those countries think those people who act in the porn movies are degraded people. To earn money they sell their body that gives satisfaction to other people, and it is not worthy and for that they try to ban those movies and also the actors wo rking in those movies. According to those ill minded people, they think that these types of movies are not respectable people. But in the western countries people who act in these types of movies are given a lot of respect and they are not seen as hateful eyes whereas they are given huge respect as they have the capability to act in these types of movies and entertain people. In the contemporary field, it has been preoccupied with their sexual values, identities and practices that they are formed. According to (Littler,2013), "Sexed Up: Theorizing the Sexualization of Culture" it is a theory where it has been seen that there are lot of values related to sexualization and people have to practice those identities which has been preached there. It has been seen that the public has taken a major shift from the normal attitude to permissive sexual attitude (Jackson, 2015). The sexual attitude of the public has shifted and taken a major change in the views of the normal public. The public as started taking attention in these types of sexual attitude and also have started to give their views and along with that also started giving their important viewpoints on this topic that are related to sexual attitudes and now it is not that they people cannot talk about this matter openly. People can talk about these matters more openly without getting shy regarding these types of matters when their topic of discussion is related to this subject (Genz, 2014). Through the celebrities, it has been seen that there is emergence of a lot of new sexual experience in the daily life of the common public, and there is prolification of sexual texts. It has increased in large amount, and all these have changed the thinking style of the public. Before people used to shy whenever this types of topics used to arise. But now people talks about regarding these matters very openly without any hesitation. Sexual texts are increasing among the public like a mushroom i.e. in many numbers of an amount, and as there is the sexual difference among the public, so there are differences between their sexual texts and sexual attitudes. As it has already been discussed that pornography is entering the mainstream movies along with that the actors and the actress who are working in the porn movies they are also entering in the mainstream movies for acting. As the pornographic movies are entering in the mainstream movies and for that reason the view of the common publi c as also changing towards these types of movies. Before they used to think that common people who are of normal mindset or more specifically it can be said that they used to think that decent people of good mindset does not watch these types of movies but now the views are changing it is also helping other people to change their mindset and for that it also helping to change the mindset of the environment to change (Schwartz, 2015). If the mindset of the people started changing then automatically the viewpoint and seeing these types of matters normally will also change and then it will bring a lot of positive changes in the society (Evans, and Riley, 2013). As people used to think that people who watch porn movies are not good or decent people and they are segregated from the society as there thinking style is different, so they do not belong from this society, and they are also regarded as brat. But everything has changed a lot as and the thinking process of the common public is a lso changing a lot and this are bringing positivity in the thinking process of the public and also changing the thinking process of the common public that is one of the great news for the society. But it has already been seen that as people who are seen all these are getting scandalized and people are also getting affected with these types of issues (Paccione, 2014). Due to these factors the mindset of some people are not changing and they things that if they discuss these types of matters and then it is not good, but they secretly involve themselves in sexual matters which is harming the society in a very negative way and many people are getting effected and lives of many people are getting affected (Genz, 2014). People who thinks that discussing sex-related topic is shame and also watching porn movies is very bad they are mainly affecting the society in the bad way and they are mainly committing the crime by targeting young boys and gals and they are spoiling their lives (Schwartz , 2015). After harming them, they are not at all affected also. People having these types of mentality are not only harming the young generation but also they are harming people who belong from any age group and the people who belong from this sick mentality also destroying the life of these innocent people and they are not at all affected. But these are creating a more bad impact on the lives of the public and for that reason they think that these types of issues. Porn movies are affecting the mindset of the public and seeing all these they are getting affected more so the governments is thinking to ban all these sites (Evans, and Riley, 2013). The governments are thinking that if they ban these sites then the nature of these sick mentality people can change and they will stop these types of crimes. But that is not happening because people are getting more frustrated, and they involve themselves more into these types of crimes (Vares, and Jackson, 2015). On the other hand, it has also been seen that the power of gender, sex, race, class and age are playing an important role in the sexualization process. Some sick mentalities people are affecting by these are they are committing these types of crimes by destroying the life of the innocent people which they are thinking as they are having enjoyment. Due to these people the crime is increasing in the society. In the western countries, it has been seen that people are enjoying are they are keeping those things up to their enjoyment only. They are not destroying the life of innocent people and not spreading negativity in the society that is one of the positive sides of the western side of the world (Jackson, 2015). People living on the western side of the world acts more maturely, and this is one of the positive sides of their thinking process. In the music videos which are being made in the Hollywood side gives wrong impression to the people who are having negative mindset as they do not watch those videos normally because they tries to find out the sexual side in that video especially seen the female actress who are working in that music video but people having the positive mindset watch those videos normally though the videos also make an impact on their mindset but they do not act in that way that will create a bad impression (Paccione, 2014). So, it can be said that these types of sexual attitudes and videos acts on the people according to their thinking style and also depends on their environment and their society status. These things vary from people to people and act accordingly (Vares, and Jackson, 2015). References Vares, T., and Jackson, S. (2015). Reading celebrities/narrating selves:tweengirls, Miley Cyrus and the good/bad girl binary.Celebrity Studies, (ahead-of-print), 1-15. Evans, A., and Riley, S. (2013). Immaculate consumption: Negotiating the sex symbol in postfeminist celebrity culture.Journal of Gender Studies,22(3), 268-281. Genz, S. (2014). My Job is Me: Postfeminist celebrity culture and the gendering of authenticity.Feminist Media Studies, (ahead-of-print), 1-17. Paccione, A. V. (2014).The Latina Body in Visual Culture: A Motion for Dance as a Medium(Doctoral dissertation, VASSAR COLLEGE). Littler, J. (2013). The Rise of the Yummy Mummy: Popular Conservatism and the Neoliberal Maternal in Contemporary British Culture.Communication, Culture and Critique,6(2), 227-243. Gibson, P. C. (2014). Pornostyle: Sexualized Dress and the Fracturing of Feminism.Fashion Theory,18(2), 189-206. Lamb, S., Graling, K., and Wheeler, E. E. (2013). Pole-arizeddiscourse: An analysis of responses to Miley Cyruss Teen Choice Awards pole dance.Feminism and Psychology,23(2), 163-183. Attwood, F. (2015). The uncanny valley: Transformations of the body and debates about sexualization.International Journal of Cultural Studies,18(3), 269-280. Snow, C. P., and Leavis, F. R. (2015). Sexualizing Two Cultures.The Sexy Science of The Big Bang Theory: Essays on Gender in the Series, 146. Attwood, F. (Ed.). (2014).Mainstreaming sex: The sexualization of Western culture. IB Tauris. Vares, T., Jackson, S., and Gill, R. (2011). Preteen girls read'tween'popular culture: Diversity, complexity and contradiction.International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics,7(2), 139-154. Jackson, S., and Vares, T. (2015). Too many bad role models for us girls: Girls, female pop celebrities and sexualisation.Sexualities, 1363460714550905. Schwartz, L. (2015). # FLAWLESS: The Intersection of Celebrity Culture and New Media in the Modern Feminist Movement. Bragg, S., Buckingham, D., Russell, R., and Willett, R. (2012). Children,sexualizationand consumer culture.Situating Child Consumption: Rethinking Values and Notions of Children, Childhood and Consumption, 213. Jackson, S., and Goddard, S. (2015). I'd say 14 is too young: Pre-teen girls' negotiations of sexualizedmedia.Continuum, (ahead-of-print), 1-12. Jackson, S. (2015). Girls Embodied Experiences of Media Images.Handbook of Children and Youth Studies, 229-242.

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Pharmacology Lab Report Sample

Pharmacology Lab Report Paper The functional studies provided information regarding the presence of musician cholesterol that mediate contraction only. Thus radioing binding techniques were also employed to determine which musician cholesterol subtypes were present and their relative densities. In vitro functional studies: Experimental protocol l: The intent of this experiment was to determine the relative potteries of selected incurring clinometers Zionists. The stock solution of each agonies was diluted 10-fold and the appropriate volume was added to the tissue which produced responses as changes in tension room baseline in MGM hence establishing a concentration-response curves to carbonyl, acetylene, extortion, application and methamphetamine that were constructed in a cumulative fashion (CDR) using concentrations of against spaced 0. 5 log intervals. After each treatment of agonies, the tissue was washed and left to rest for 20 min. Experimental protocol II : The purpose of this experiment was to calculate the affinities of selective competitive receptor antagonists for musician cholesterol using Child plot analysis. A 0. 5 log CDR of carbonyl was carried UT as experimental protocol I to establish and determine the effect of time- control on the tissue. After a 20 min wash and rest period, each preparation were exposed to a competitive antagonist of low concentration (0. VIM Preeminent, 10 NM Dereferencing, 20 NM J-104129, 4 PM Antihistamine, 0. 2 PM Clinicians). With the antagonist still in the bath,another 0. 5 log CDR to carbonyl was constructed and the process was repeated twice more using higher concentrations of antagonist. Radioing binding studies The purpose of this experiment was to determine the densities of musician helicopters subtypes in membrane preparations of rat tracheal smooth muscle. We will write a custom essay sample on Pharmacology Lab Report specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Pharmacology Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Pharmacology Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer A computer program called Binder stimulated saturation and competition binding experiments on virtual, homogeneous rat tracheal preparations that were radio-labeled with ACH]-CNN and contained a cold aligned. The settings were set to Non-specific binding, Noise in the data and Noise in the aligned cons. For the Total binding curves the cold aligned was set to zero. Results Insert text for Results here Discussion Insert text for Discussion here . Acknowledgements Insert text for Acknowledgements here .